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Visualize Cybersecurity Posture
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K2Share mission intelligence services are proven to accurately convey security control effectiveness across all client IT systems. We empower our clients to proactively identify, prioritize, and mitigate cyber risks through comprehensive data analysis and visualization.

Our trusted cybersecurity mission intelligence and visualization solutions and support enable our clients to increase workforce accountability, improve accuracy and effectiveness of information security activities, drive resource allocation decisions, manage cybersecurity risk, and mature their cybersecurity risk management programs.

Take control of your organization's cybersecurity landscape with our advanced risk scoring and dashboarding solutions, including:

Cybersecurity Risk Scoring
Our cutting-edge risk scoring methodology — inclusive of K2Share’s flagship Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Risk Scorecard™ — provides you with a holistic view of your organization's cyber risk posture. We leverage industry-leading algorithms and frameworks to assess and quantify risks across various indicators, including vulnerabilities, threats, and potential impacts. Our tailored risk scoring approach enables clients to prioritize resources and focus on mitigating the most critical risks, ensuring efficient resource allocation and maximum protection.
Interactive Dashboards
K2Share helps clients visualize complex cybersecurity data through intuitive and interactive dashboard interfaces. Our customized dashboards provide real-time insights into organizational security posture, risk trends, incident response effectiveness, and compliance status. With dynamic charts, graphs, and customizable visualizations, clients can easily track key metrics, drill down into specific areas of concern, and make informed decisions to safeguard critical assets.
Actionable Insights
Our risk scoring and dashboarding solutions go beyond presenting data. We provide actionable insights derived from deep data analysis, enabling clients to proactively address vulnerabilities, detect emerging threats, and implement targeted remediation measures. With our comprehensive reports and recommendations, you can stay one step ahead of potential threats and maintain a robust cybersecurity defense.
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